The art of south East Williamsburg

Crossing Flushing on Knickerbocker, the community changes. Thriving commercial streets turn industrial, walls covered in street art, inhabited by the colorful.


More bikes than pedestrians on the street.


The demographics change too. One man walking toward Bushwick, the women walking north into East Williamsburg. Neighborhood boundaries in New York are not officially designated, and some living in the factory lofts prefer to call this area of south East Williamsburg Bushwick. So too does Vogue.


One woman in a consignment shop told me I was entitled to my opinion. Some dare call this gentrification.


An article in the NYPost, new hipsters fighting old hipsters, the young moving in and moving up, while the Bushwick natives laugh at both sides.


The Wick, Brooklyn’s new music fortress, moved into an abandoned brewery in what was once known as Brewery Row on Meserole St, right behind this building, used as a gallery space last November for Brooklyn Street Art. Next door, The Well, 60 beers on tap, on the walls: art.


Cyclists on fixies, boggled, which way to look? What next?


Mr. Never Satisfied. Putting up walls in Brooklyn and San Francisco: $1.28.


Giant Beetles and bicycles.


Skyline Steel Corp. Still making steel in the USA.


Brooklyn. A new cubism? By: GoodandShiddy.

bswk bird

From Bushwick Ave, west, potentially East Williamsburg, or not. The neighborhood boundaries are fuzzy; the art, not so much.

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  1. Hi Erik,
    This posting has so much potential for the beginnings of a great discourse on sociology and specifically gentrification. Love the photos and the bicycles!

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