Carroll Gardens to Prospect Park

From Carroll Gardens to Prospect Park in Black and White.
A perfect fall day.


Determined and prepared for rain.


Media changes faster than time. Wraps were burritos, headphones and paper cups.

pastry shop-bw

Beeping her way into her BMW, Court Street Pastry Shop.


Walking with purpose. The new and old passing.

Raccuglia & sons bw-bw

Cadillacs out front the funeral home, the owner in the sun.


Cutting through the houses, this blond kid rocking his glasses.


Workers cleaning up.

body work-bw

Industrial, body shops. The owner asked me, What are you taking pictures for? I told them, he let me in.


A dog house lot. The Williamsburg bank building.


I’ve seen this Cadillac parked on 4th for years. A month or two ago it had been hit.

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