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10 Thoughts.

  1. Me likey…

    Blog updates with photos are key!!!

    Also the word group that links to poems is a favorite.

    Keep it up, it looks pro, your efforts have paid off so far!

  2. Glad to see the picture of the diploma. Diplomas are good things to hang on your fridge. Looking forward to more stories.

  3. good to see you on the trail. while you may or may not have found vance, im sure you found something entertaining in The Back Country.

    Anywhere I can read about tadpoles, dytiscids, and waves makes an impression.


  4. this is ruebi———
    Erik. you are brilliant. when i think about why the hell i live in the constant fog and in isolation from all that i knew and loved before i met manuel…… i also think of your blog. thank you.

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